20 Bloomsbury Square: Thermal Imaging and Structural Refurbishment
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London WC1
The Bedford Estates

Project Manager:

Thermal and radar imaging was used in the refurbishment of The Bedford Estates’ property at 20  Bloomsbury Square to assess structural condition and thermal performance, whilst limiting disruption to the Georgian building and its occupants. A ‘body scan’ of the property, using the most up-to-date techniques, was recommended to assess the structural fabric.

By carrying out this non-destructive survey, MNP obtained visual models of the structure, giving an indication of hidden beams, joists and studwork. This reduced risk and allowed assessment of load paths in the refurbishment. MNP contracted specialists Fugro Aperio to carry out the survey, which took just one day from start to finish. Because the testing was non-destructive, it allowed existing tenants of the building to continue working while the survey was being carried out.

The scans highlighted the position of timber components, modern blockwork partitions in the basement, diagonal bracing in timber walls, as well as bonding, thickness and position of flues in party walls.

The refurbishment included floor and roof strengthening, and external brickwork repairs. It was completed in April 2012.