WWII Fighter Pens at RAF Coltishall
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Coltishall, Norfolk
Norfolk County Council


Project Manager:

Norfolk County Council’s Historic Environment Service commissioned MNP to prepare a condition survey report for the WWII Fighter Pens at the former RAF Coltishall. MNP together with architects Purcell and Terrain Surveys Ltd, who specialise in 3D laser scanning, produced 3D models of the fighter pens.

The site was purchased from the Ministry of Justice in January 2013 following its closure in 2006. Norfolk County Council have been working with developers on potential plans for a museum.

The station was initially built as a bomber base and operated from 1938 to 2006. Each fighter pen protected an individual Spitfire or Hurricane and during the Cold War and it became home to Jaguar jet fighters and search and rescue helicopters. 3D models of the fighter pens will used as a historical record as well as an accurate reference point by the designers.