MNP Plays Supporting Role in Leicester Square
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Leicester Square, London WC2
Westminster City Council
Project Manager:
PAYE Stonework and Restoration

During the recent re-landscaping of Leicester Square, MNP were appointed to provide specialist engineering design to protect William Shakespeare’s statue whilst major restoration work was carried out.

Standing in the centre of the square and subject to the elements since 1874, the statue required major restoration work, including new arms and legs in Carrara Italian Marble, sourced to match the original material. Main contractor PAYE Stonework and Restoration carefully cleaned the monument and carried out intricate hand carved repairs.

In order to remove his legs, a temporary framework was designed to stabilise the 2.5m tall sculpture and prevent movement whilst the stonemasons worked their magic in bringing the bard back to life.

The statue was originally carved by Giovanni Fontana as a replica of an original sculpture by Peter Scheemakers which was placed in Westminster Abbey in 1740. An image of this appeared on the reverse of the £20 note until 1993.

MNP play a prominent role in many stonework and restoration projects; providing consultancy services and designing permanent and temporary works structures for dramatic façades, ancient monuments, theatres and churches throughout the UK.