Winchester Palace Remains, Winchester Walk
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London SE1

Cullinan Studio

Project Manager:

Winchester Palace, an important medieval building near Borough Market in Southwark, was built in the 12th century for the Bishops of London and remained in use until the 17th century when it was divided into tenements and warehouses. Walls to the main hall have been restored by English Heritage but most of the remains are hidden beneath adjacent properties and are designated a Scheduled Ancient Monument. 

Working with Cullinan Studio architects, MNP are converting and vertically extending a Victorian fruit warehouse into luxury apartments and office space. The main façade of the warehouse will be retained and a hybrid steel / timber frame will be installed with elements of the original timber frame, which will be sensitivity reconditioned and adapted for reuse. What remains of the historic palace foundations, including Roman walls, will be protected in sand beneath the new building.

Details for the structural framework and foundations were carefully developed as part of a full BIM Revit model. The team are working with Conservation Advisors and Museum of London (MOLAS) in obtaining Monument Consent from English Heritage. 

The construction started in January 2015.

Under construction.