Emanuel School
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Clapham, South London
Emanuel School

Horsley Huber Architects Ltd.

Project Manager:

MNP have been involved in four consecutive projects at Emanuel School, all involving conservation work. These include a new library, ICT suite, glazed fire escape, restoration of the main entrance and the new Fiennes Theatre.

The library was constructed in the old dining room below the chapel building in the heart of the school. The rear wall was removed to open up the area and the chapel had to be carefully supported during and after the installation of a double height steel picture frame to avoid damaging stained glass windows.

Working with Horsley Huber Architects, MNP have since completed the new Fiennes Theatre and a large classroom block. This modern, energy-efficient extension involved part demolition of the existing building and features a basement and decorative, glazed façade. Details for foundations, trusses, steel frame and other materials were incorporated into a 3D model to help the client to visualise the design.