Preston Manor School, Brent
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Wembley, London
London Borough of Brent


Project Manager:
c. 6m

The £6m project, creates new primary school classrooms across the playing field from the popular and over-subscribed secondary school.  To help alleviate the shortage of school places available in the London borough, phases of construction will build classrooms for 420 children in total, by 2016.

Construction techniques are mainly modular, using a combination of concrete and glu-laminated wood. Structural Engineers MNP adapted the design to save costs and facilitate rapid construction. Eco-friendly materials used in construction include a green roof with a surface made from recycled bottles. Over 260 photovoltaic panels are also supported on the roof as a source of energy for the school. These, and other, features will contribute to the building’s environmental footprint, which engineers are planning to be less than zero-carbon.

This timescale was made possible by a 2-stage Design and Build process under the 'Improvement and Efficiency South East (IESE)' procurement framework.