St. Bede's School, Reigate
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Reigate, Surrey
Jerram Falkus Construction

ATP Architects

Project Manager:
c. 2m

St. Bede’s School in Reigate, Surrey is expanding to accommodate 6 new classrooms by building a 3-storey extension to their existing school.  Working closely with main contractor Jerram Falkus Construction, Mason Navarro Pledge developed alternative proposals to the design to speed up construction, reduce costs and disruption to the school.

MNP detailed all structural elements, including pre-cast concrete floors, timber studwork and cladding. By careful selection of materials, wet-trades were virtually eliminated, reducing the construction programme by over 4 weeks.

This design also reduced the number of vehicle movements onto the constricted site, minimising impact on lessons being taught in the school. 

Each floor in the extension links with the existing building, and this presented some significant challenges which have been overcome by the structural design. The ceiling heights in the original building were low, and the new extension needed to be designed with sufficient headroom.

The floors in the new extension now have an ultra-thin structure, which also has the strength to limit deflection in the generous spans over the open-plan classrooms.

The front façade of the new building is curved on plan and almost fully glazed. This precluded the use of conventional steelwork stability bracing. Instead, the timber wall panels were employed to provide the necessary lateral bracing to the new building.