67-83 Seven Sisters Road
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London N7
Highland Investments


Project Manager:
c. 10m

This Art Deco building was refurbished around occupied retail units, to house 118 contemporary apartments.

MNP worked closely with the client to make the best use of the available space. Parts of the U-shaped building were demolished to first floor level, then re-built to provide an additional 2 storeys. The load-bearing structure was taken down and replaced whilst the shops remained open on the ground floor. Single storey extensions were designed on two wings to house more living accommodation.

A ‘faience’ facade which features decorative glazed tiles, was renovated cost-effectively; parts were repaired and other parts replaced, depending on the condition.  A separate team of MNP engineers worked for the specialist contractor Paye Stonework & Restoration Ltd. to detail cast-iron strips and hooks to keep the facade panels in place. The tiles are now restored to their original, 1920s splendour.

First phase complete