Luton New Homes Partnership
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Wates Living Space, Luton BC, Catalyst HA, LLCP


Project Manager:
c. 70m

450 new homes are being built in previously run-down areas of high anti-social behaviour, with minimal impact on the environment.  Six developments having achieved planning consent, only 15 months after the New Homes partnership between Luton Borough Council, Luton Learning and Community Partnership, Catalyst Housing Group and Wates Living Space was formed.

Architects and consulting engineers were involved with Wates Living Space right from the start, to develop solutions to the range of issues involved in building on ‘brownfield’ sites. Also, Luton is within an Environmental Agency Source Protection Zone A, meaning there are strict limits on water drainage and quality. To limit impact on the environment, the team set out to meet Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, whilst fulfilling the objective to deliver high quality, contemporary and affordable housing.  All of this has been achieved, with planning approval, in just over a year.

MNP surveyed the various sites, advised on decontamination, designed the building sub-structures and developed a solution to the Environmental Agency’s requirements: All roads are to be constructed using porous tarmac, which means rain water is filtered on its way to the ground beneath Luton, instead of being drained into rivers, reducing the risk of flooding.

The MNP team also volunteered to join 20 builders, engineers, local authority and housing association staff in transforming the garden at Colwell Court to make it more accessible for residents.  The team built new concrete paths, planted shrubs and flowers, renovated garden furniture and painted woodworkto make the garden more attractive.