Sylling House, Norway
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Sylling, Norway
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Julian Kinal RIBA

Project Manager:
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This timber frame house in Sylling, Norway was designed by a British team led by architect Julian Kinal RIBA. Designs were compliant with Norwegian standards and all components were manufactured in the UK for rapid assembly.

The context of the sloping site, overlooking Norway’s fifth largest lake and spectacular scenery, drove the design of an irregular shaped, Corten steel clad building with two separate wings. To resist extreme wind and snow conditions, the sloping roof and details for the building framework were developed by the team using collaborative computer modelling, and verified by structural engineers at Mason Navarro Pledge (MNP). For compliance, a Norwegian engineer was involved in preliminary structural design and final checking.

Julian Kinal designed the house to be environmentally efficient and visually stunning, yet in harmony with the landscape. The vista dictated the interior shape of the main building, which houses the living room and kitchen. Across the external staircase which bisects the house is the sleep/work wing consisting of master bedroom, bedrooms and an office. The external staircase connects the front and rear gardens, provides acoustic buffering between sleeping and living wings and offers a secondary access to the office.

The whole property is built into the hillside to keep the vertical profile to a minimum, and is completely clad in rust finished Corten steel, with reference to the red colour used on local Norwegian barns.

The complex shape of the building and the exposed location presented some real design challenges.  Extensive detailing was carried out on a shared 3D model and structural integrity was validated to Eurocode standards, working with the local authorities. To save time during construction, all components were manufactured in England and are being delivered as a kit of parts.

To minimise energy usage, Sylling house features high insulation, triple-glazed windows and underfloor heating driven by a ground source heat pump. A fireplace separates the sitting room from TV/games room and the roof has been designed to allow solar panels to be installed in future, if desired.